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A Bible school fellowship

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Foto: Carl-Erik Eriksson, Trondheim kommune.

The students about our Bible school fellowship

A part of a growing faith movement

The Bible School in Trondheim (BiT), is a Christian Bible school in Trondheim with students from a variety of backgrounds and denominations. It was founded in 1980 and about 1000 students have graduated since that time. The school is a part of the Pentacostalism in Norway and is a part of the church Betel Trondheim. Pentecostalism represents one of the fastest-growing segments of global Christianity. We are not among the largest Bible schools in Norway, but with volunteers from our church supporting our experienced staff, we provide an affordable way for you to get passionate discipleship training. The school brings in teachers from various churches to share their expertise with you.

Our vision


… a foundation to expand God’s Kingdom in Trondheim, Mid-Norway, our nation and unreached people groups.


…people to live a life with The Holy Spirit so Jesus love and power becomes visible.


…disciples that share the Gospel with others (Mark 16:15-20, 2. Tim. 2:2).

We value diversity

Most of our students are between 20 and 40 years old, but we also have older senior students.

Bible school community in Trondheim, Norway

loving our neighbors

Together we help each other to live according to the values of the Kingdom of God. God’s love inspires us to hand out free waffles and coffee in the city square.

Joyful fellowship at the Bible school


At the Bible school, your heart will be enlarged because God’s heart is for the entire world! Through working in teams you get inspiration and leadership training that is useful both for your working life and for volunteer work through NGOs. We have arranged multiple trips to Greece to help refugees and have worked with Dream Center in Los Angeles to help homeless and poor. 

Bible school fellowship in Trondheim, Norway